Exeter is a smart, intelligent city, never afraid to do things differently – if that leads to making things better for everybody.

It’s anchored by its perfect location, its superb education providers, its spirit of working together, and its absolute commitment to embracing the new.

Exeter drives the agenda for the south-west of England, it enjoys a tremendous global reputation in digital, data, medicine, and environmental science. And it’s busy building world-class credentials in culture and creativity; the recently awarded UNESCO City of Literature status is evidence of that.

It measures its history in millennia – yet it’s the ideal place for millennials, looking for a truly holistic, successful and happy life.

As such, Exeter is meeting the global challenge of climate change head on.

It has announced its objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

It’s an ambitious target. And with the onslaught of Covid19, even more so.

But the climate emergency remains very real, and we will want and need to return to it.

Exeter is uniquely positioned to achieve this because of the fantastic spirit of collaboration that exists. Between businesses, institutions, communities, clubs, people.

There will undoubtedly be hurdles, barriers to be broken through. But with the will of people from throughout the city’s unique ecosystem complementing the quality of the expertise that exists here, we will crack this.

Because together we really are stronger.

And that really matters in a challenge of this scale.

Exeter City Futures CIC (Community Interest Company) will anchor this task, collaborating with a wide range of partners.

There will be plenty of opportunities for people to ‘have their say’ and for organisations to get involved. Schools. businesses, researchers, app developers, professional firms, transport providers.

Anyone willing and able to “do their bit’.

ECF has produced a blueprint and is in the process of producing a roadmap. These will indicate how and what we need to do over the next 10 years to achieve it. No-one is in any doubt that with everyone’s involvement, the campaign will develop, evolve and improve in many ways over the decade that follows.

Exeter Live Better is the mantra we use. It’s not a claim; it’s a challenge to everyone lucky enough to be an Exonian (whether temporary or permanent) to be the best they can be.

And, when we’re able to refocus from this very difficult period be part of the movement to get to “NetZero Exeter” by the end of the decade.